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GS-RD - Rodent Deterrent

GS-RD - Rodent Deterrent

$ 116.90

Protect your home, business, and property from damage by utilizing this High-Intensity Rodent Deterrent "Slim-Lite" 2 Joule Xenon Strobe Warning Light.

Operates using standard home 120 VAC outlet, utilizing its accompanying plug-in (AC to DC) wall transformer. Encapsulated electronics protects against moisture & vibration. No modifications or adjustments required. Ideal for deterring rodents.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY COMPETITOR BRANDS. MODEL GS-RD IS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD. The number 1 rodent strobe light on the market today!


By deterring these potential disease and germ bearing predators from your premises you can protect your food supplies while also eliminating the smell, noise, chewing and damage associated with these pests. Proven to be a positive and humane method of deterring rats, bats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons and birds from the darkest and remote areas where they like to hide and live.

The high intensity pulsating light of the Model GS-RD affects the ciliary muscle in the eyes of these pests such that they cannot tolerate its continuous strobing of 400,000 high-intensity pulses of light every 2 seconds After a short period of time they vacate the area for a more peaceful one. Placement of the Rodent Deterrent should be in areas where humans will not be exposed to the annoyance of the light intensity. Best placement in dark areas such as basements, attics, garages, storage areas, and nooks or crannies.

One GS-RD would be effective within an open area (i.e. without obstructions) of a maximum of 900 sq. ft. Additional units would be required for areas where walls or equipment would shield the pulsating flashes. Easy Installation - only requires the standard home 120 VAC outlet. The unit incorporates a 6' cord with a plug-in low voltage wall transformer (AC to DC) and thus the strobe is powered by low voltage. (Other cord lengths available.)

The unit is lightweight at 10 oz. and measures 3" diameter x 5" tall with a flat flange base with two 3/16 dia. mounting holes. The electronic circuit in the base is encapsulated in polyurethane for the ultimate in protection from moisture and vibration and meets the NEMA 4 classification.

The unit features a polycarbonate lens, a 10,000-hour strobe lamp, and an easily replaceable plug-in lamp. This rodent repellant is safe and environmentally friendly to use. No poisons or dead varmints to deal with. Ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, food suppliers and general households.

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