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Gullsweep® Detail Information


 Gullsweep Dimensions Predator Vanes are More Effective than the Previous Design!

The GS-1 comes with the Standard Permanent Deck Mounting Block, unless otherwise specified.
For a wide variety of non-permanent Gullsweep® mounting options, Click Here! 
All parts are interchangable with the orginal Gullsweep® model!
To order replacement parts, click here!
gullsweep vane Gullsweep storage mode When storing GULLSWEEP®, lift vane up against top spring and rotate over rod. Vanes will be parallel to each other when rods are folded up thus taking any strain off the vanes hinge point (see Fig. 2).
Ready to Work (fig. 1)
Storage Position (fig. 2)

Simply swing vanes out and they will snap down into place when putting 
GULLSWEEP® back to work (see Fig. 1). Patented.