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Parker, CO
“WOW! This thing really works - GREAT stuff. Thanks to Gullsweep® no more cleaning the bird mess off my boat when we get to the lake. They dock somewhere other than my boat. Now we do more boating than cleaning!

Kensinton, NH
“...have bought Gullsweeps® for years…great product…works well. The new design is even better.


Levering, MI
“...absolutely thrilled with GS. We have had 3 different boats and we have used a GS on each one… No better way to solve the problem! ”

Belmont, NH
“...I have 2 GS on my sport boat in Northern NH. They are the only devices I have found to be effective in keeping gulls off my boat when left unattended for weeks at a time. I have highly recommended them to fellow boaters, and all, having witnessed my success now use them…”

“...You said you would mail my parts the same day I ordered them and you did exactly what you said you would do. Thanks for the great service and a great product!”