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Gullsweep® for Swimming Pool Applications

Particularly ones located near large bodies of water (ocean fronts, large lakes, etc.)

Birds need fresh water as much as humans do. Swimming pools provide that fresh water and the birds don’t mind dropping in for a drink and like to mess around. These areas are generally open and there is always a supply of wind. Wind is necessary for Gullsweep® to function properly, so here is a good way to get rid of those messy critters.

Use a standard Gullsweep® (GS-1), 6 foot diameter swing — mounted onto a 1’ x 1’ x ¾” plywood board (supplied by others) and you have a very flexible swimming pool bird deterrent. You can experiment as to where the best location is to place units around the pool and how many you want. Birds land into the wind like an airplane and prefer larger landings vs. tight ones.

The real advantage is you can move this self-supporting setup quickly to locations around the pool that work the best and you can remove the Gullsweeps® when the pool is in use. Most all of the birds like to perch on something vs. going in the pool however, we have had some real water birds (ducks) who like the pool. In those cases we have seen the use of a life saving ring with a board attached on top of the ring as illustrated. To hold the ring in the open areas of the pool some lines can be secured to the ring and poolside. We have heard about using a weight placed in the pool (like an anchor) to secure the ring in the open pool area.

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