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Here is the Granddaddy of all Gullsweeps®

I mounted this GS-1 and monitored it monthly for over seven years. The same Gullsweep® operating 24/7 on top of a 15’ pole next to the open harbor in New England. (Installed 2/1/05 / Removed 6/10/12). It was still operating when I took it down, a little worse for wear, but still doing its thing.

If we were to average one revolution every 10 seconds (which is slow 6 times per min.) — let’s do the math:

            24 hrs x 60 min.  =  1,440 min/day
            1,440 min. x 365 days  =  525,600 min/yr
            525,600 min. x 6 revolutions/min  =  3,153,600 revolutions/yr
            3,153,600/yr   x   7 years = 22,075,200 revolutions

The average 6’ GS-1 generates 30 revolutions per minute at 19-24 mph, 20 revolutions per minute at 13-18 mph or 15 revolutions per minute at 8-12 mph.

We were especially interested in wear points and are pleased to report that there were few and minor at best.

When you purchase a Gullsweep® you buy the finest product of its kind. Checking the monitoring log over this period of time, there were 26 major storms; and the average wind velocity I would say was probably in the 7-10 mph range. High velocity could have been 50-60 mph or no wind at all.