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Unique Gullsweep® Setup

2 Gullsweep MountedPutting two Gullsweeps® on the same mounting pin - sounds impossible - however if you use a 10” center pin and put a hanging Gullsweep® on the pin first, it slides all the way to the bottom of the pin. Install the nylon ball on the pin first as that is what the Hanging Gullsweep® will be rotating on. Make sure the vanes are set properly for a clockwise rotation which is normal. Next put a regular GS-1 Gullsweep® on top of the pin (normal mounting). However, put the vanes on the opposite sides of the rods and you will get a counter clockwise rotation. The result is a two tier Gullsweep® on one pin, rotating in opposite directions. Birds definitely don’t like that and it makes good conversation subject as well.

This picture was shot on shore, however I have seen a few installed on boats in the water.