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GS-7 Canvas Mount Kit/U-Bolt

GS-7 Canvas Mount Kit/U-Bolt

$ 21.20

Canvas Permanent Mount Kit/U-Bolt type

Best for Boats with a canvas top.

  1. Unclip on half of the forward edge along the windshield. This makes it possible to mount from within the cockpit.
  2. Screw the bearing pin into hex coupling. With the base centered over the middle bow, with holes fore and aft, outline the base with a pencil to mark position.
  3. With sharp instrument (ice pick) make 2 holes in the marked positions just large enough to insert u-bolt.
  4. Inset u-bolt from below; place the washer over u-bolt on top of the canvas and tighten up the lock nuts.

The GS-7 can also be used as a permanent rail mount (up to 1") with mounting option GS-RM. If rail is not parallel to the water surface, an angle bracket can be added which gives adjustability to set the mounting pin vertical to the water.

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