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GS-RM - Rail Mount

$ 42.90

Takes seconds to put in place and seconds to remove, then store when your boat is running.
Gullsweep® performs best when it is level to the water.

  1. Place the vice clamp over railing & tighten so it is vertical to the rail. (Option, put tape around rail before mounting to indicate where GS-RM should be mounted, and also to protect the rail.)
  2. Adjust center support pin to be vertical to the water & tighten adjustment nut. (See B)
  3. Place your Gullsweep® on the support pin, adjust, if not level.
  4. If the clamp is left on rail, remove the center pin to avoid injury!

Gullsweep Center pin (shown) is not included with GS-RM because it utilizes the standard pin that comes with Gullsweep®.

Gullsweep® Rail Mount comes in 2 sizes. Model GS-RM (up to 1-5/8” diameter) and Model GS-SRM (up to 1” diameter). To order GS-SRM, click here.


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