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GS-RH - Rod Holder Adapters Mounting Option

GS-RH - Rod Holder Adapters Mounting Option

$ 38.70

Easy to install

GS-RH for 1-1/2" diameter rod holders

Simply slip into the rod holder and tighten top wing nut until the adapter is tight and immovable. The slip design makes this a very versatile mounting option for your Gullsweep®. 

Many rod holders are set at an angle to the hull to support a rod (some as much as 45°). The stainless steel support bracket for the Gullsweep® mounting pin has two side notches so you can bend it to the desired angle. Best to put the mounting pin in place and then bend bracket. Make sure the Gullsweep® center pin is set (or bent) so the pin will be vertical to the water.

Mount your Gullsweep® on the pin and be sure it will clear all obstacles when rotating.

To remove, loosen the screw and pull out of rod holder.

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