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Gullsweep® for Roof Tops - Model GS-RT (Note: pipe not included)

$ 63.75

**The pipe is not included!! Order mounting option GS-EC1 or GS-EC34 and order pipe at any hardware store or home center to get the height you need.

***Due to the rising costs of shipping, the US Postal Service has implemented a $15.00 non-standard dimensions rate for all Gullsweeps and Gullsweep replacement arms.  This handling charge will be in addition to and reflected in the shipping costs***

The easy way to keep birds away from roosting on your Roof top!

  • Standard 6' diameter with 5-1/2'' SS pin & mounting block or 8' diameter
  • The Bright Color and Motion will deter birds from roosting on your roof
  • Simply rotates w/least amount of wind
  • Easy to move and install

Birds love high, undisturbed vantage points to rest and roost on.

For more than 40 years, Gullsweep® has been discouraging pigeons, gulls and all types of flying fowl from roosting or making their home in the wrong places.

Inexpensive, easy to install and requires no electrical power, Gullsweep® is the long term solution to the problem. The unique engineered design requires the slightest breeze to rotate and thus intimidate any bird in its vicinity. From the center mounting point, the two 3' arms cover a full 6' diameter. Several can be mounted to clear the entire top of your roof. The rotating arms are located 6” above the mounting surface.

Installation only requires a few minutes. Center mounting block is fastened down with 2 screws, stainless steel center support pin is hand screwed into the mounting block and Gullsweep® is placed on the center pin. Job done! Gullsweep® can handle most wind velocities (tested in over 60 mph) and will just continue to do its job 24/7, year round.

They can be moved and reused. A smart way to easily do away with a nnever-endingproblem.

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