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For Screened Enclosures - Model GS-SP

$ 63.75

The easy way to move birds!

  • Standard 6' diameter with 5-1/2'' SS pin & mounting block
  • The color & movement intimidates birds moving them to another location
  • Simply rotates w/least amount of wind
  • Easy to move and install

***Due to the rising costs of shipping, the US Postal Service has implemented a $15.00 non-standard dimensions rate for all Gullsweeps and Gullsweep replacement arms.  This handling charge will be in addition to and reflected in the shipping costs***

Most popular in moderate climates in the U.S. (South). The screened area affords a bug-free expansion to ones home. Birds like to roost on that area, as it affords a good vantage point and sometimes food is in the area, which always brings critters. Easy to mount and remove — one or more Gullsweeps® help keep the area free of birds and their accompanying mess.

The standard Gullsweep® has been modified to suit this particular application. The Gullsweep® is ideal for the job. However, the top mounted location on a screen porch framework does amplify noise developed by the power vane as it rotates. Utilizing a unique counter spring noise suppressor and a sound insulator, eliminates or substantially reduces any audible noise.

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