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GS-SBB - Sailboat Boom Mount or Wrapped Bimini Covers (non-permanent)

GS-SBB - Sailboat Boom Mount or Wrapped Bimini Covers (non-permanent)

$ 39.75

Easy to set, easy to remove and store away.
Gullsweep® performs best when it is level to the water.

Gulls like high and quiet areas to roost, and sailboat booms fit the bill. Designed to be like a saddle, the GS-SBB will fit over any boom or bimini bundle. Since each is different in diameter, an installation rope is not included but can be locally added depending upon length. Upon the first installation, a ¼ inch rope should be wrapped around the boom a minimum of three times, which then determines the length of the rope needed for that particular installation.

Tie a rope to the rope loop on one side of the mounting. Place mounting on the boom in a location that will not interfere with the Gullsweeps® rotation. This will require a minimum of 4 feet on each side of the center pin. With the mounting pin vertical, wrap the rope around the boom and mounting tightly (recommended – 3 times). Pull very tight and, finally, secure around the aluminum fitting and into the wedge portion to secure the line. The non-slip rubber liner in the mounting should create enough friction so the mounting will not rotate on the boom. If the boom is not parallel to the water, the top fitting, which holds the mounting pin, can be bent so as to achieve a vertical pin.

Center pin (shown) is not included with GS-SBB because it utilizes the standard pin that comes with Gullsweep®.

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